Changing Lanes

  Our lives are made up from a range of experiences and it is these experiences that give us our belief system. For instance and keeping it simple, as a child if you burned yourself on the stove, you learnt very quickly to keep away from it if you did not want to feel pain. In my NLP training courses, I teach my students that it is human nature to move towards pleasure and away from pain. So this experience was an easy one to learn as it follows the natural habit of human nature. 
During our lifetime, we will be party to many learning experiences which will shape as a person and form our own belief system and these experiences give us the reasoning behind why we act in a certain way. Over time the way in which we behave is built in to us subconsciously in that eventually we do not really think about acting before we do it. Think about people eating popcorn at the cinema and reaching the bottom of the box and finding it all gone and asking ourselves how did that happen so quickly?? So as we are all driven towards pleasure, the subconscious behaviour is not always a positive one i.e. over-eating, binge drinking, gambling etc.

For example, some smokers tend to lack confidence in themselves. The act of smoking puts them at ease and gives them back their self-esteem in social situations. The smoker would need to understand why they lack confidence. Did they have a controlling parents? or is smoking their subconscious act of rebellion against their parents?

It is when an experience creates un-helpful or negative behaviour that we then find ourselves in a downward spiral which culminates in low self esteem and low mood and eventually pain that we try to move ourselves from but the vicious circle of negative self-talk and thinking prevents change from happening.

Once we really understand why we act in a certain way and what our triggers are, we can consciously change this until it becomes subconcious behaviour. It just takes a little conscious work on our part for a period of time until the message becomes part of our make-up. Some people can do this on their own and others seek alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy.

By using hypnotherapy as a tool this can also help us to effectively re-program the thinking behind the behaviour and change it to a more positive behaviour or thought. The technique of hypnotherapy is the art of taking a client into a deep relaxed state to the point where the therapist can access the client’s subconscious mind and talk to it to remove the unwanted behaviour and replace it with something else.

It’s like changing lanes when driving, if the direction in which you are going is not going to reach your destination you need to mirror, signal, maneovre in order to change lanes. Once you understand the reason behind your behaviour and recognise the triggers you can take back control and change that behaviour to reach your goal.

Our new NLP Practitioner courses teach this technique as well as a range of other useful tools that can help people to make long and lasting changes to their lives. If you wish to learn more about a career in Life Coaching, NLP or Hypnotherapy call us today on 01462 431112 or visit our website at

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