My First Blog

I find it amazing that new technology has increased the number of “new” words used on a daily basis now that never existed just a few years ago. “email”, “facebook”, “inbox” and “blogs”. This world of social media is expanding fast and is an area that I am riding along with and quite enjoying the ride.

As a Business Coach it is something that originally I have conformed to through necessity rather than desire. As one of the things that is clear to me as a Business Coach is that I need to keep up-to-date with all new technology and tools that help the effectiveness and profitability of the companies or individuals that I may be working with.

I can now say in the last few years I have discovered the art of Google Adwords to understand how to promote my business, the social network tool Facebook to share with my clients and interested parties my work and knowledge. I have also enjoyed “Linkedin” to keep in touch with old colleagues and make new relationships with other similarly like minded business people.

So here I am, writing my first blog and so far so good. What is remarkable about all these internet tools is the ease of use.  For instance, after seting aside some dedicated time (which I have to say is not the easiest thing to do these days) I started by searching for No sooner had I clicked on the WordPress link and I had completed my registration and within 3 minutes I was at this page writing to my virtual audience. It’s that easy. The hard part is finding something to say and on that note I will sign off and see what other treats this internet revolution have in store for me.